Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Run with endurance

'Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfector of our faith.' Hebrews 12:1-2

My alarm goes off at 4am. I barely hear it I'm so exhausted. I turn off the alarm and hear rain, "thank you Lord." Our running coach posted that if it was raining this morning we would run our last 5k tomorrow instead. I wake up a little while later to husband going in the living room to watch the weather. Two sets of little feet go padding down the hallway after him. My whole body is aching. My jaw hurts causing my head to hurt. I need to stretch my hamstrings more so my lower back will stop aching. I lay there. The littlest starts calling out from his crib. Husband goes in to him "Good morning Bub!" Makes me smile. I finally talk myself into getting out of the bed because daughter keeps coming in asking to wear a dress or skirt and can I help her get it. I'm feeling drained. "Father, help me to get my last run in today so I can prepare for Saturday. Just help me. I've been feeling drained, short, unable lately." Short, quick prayer while I pick out a skirt for daughter, clothes for littlest and assess what needs to be accomplished or gathered for middle to go to school. Ok. Husband pretty much took care of everything so now I need to pull myself together, take all my vitamins/meds, drink a Spark, and get my butt on that treadmill. Send middle off to school with hugs and kisses.

I go down in the basement with headphones on worship music, contemporary Christian. I set foot on the treadmill and hear "I'm here." I get weepy. When He called me to be a runner, He was already there, waiting on me. When He called me to run, I wasn't a runner. I actually hated running. He has been so faithful, so loving throughout this journey. I'm astonished at what He has done in me and with me through my running journey. I can say this about everything He has called me to. He is already there, waiting for me, waiting to bless my socks off, waiting to do great things through me. I want Him to use me. There are hard days, there are good days, and He's there.

I finish my last 5k training day before my "big" race this coming weekend. I cry with gratitude and thankfulness. I praise Him. Not just for the opportunity to physically run, but to be able to run toward Him with everything in my life. To give Him my life. Let me run toward Him with my parenting, being a wife, in my relationships, in my friendships. Let me seek Him first. Let me give to Him first. I will cross that finish line this weekend with praise for Him only. He is the only One that accomplished each step, each mile.

Be encouraged friends: even if you aren't a physical runner, I pray that you run toward Him with everything in you!

My prayer for the runners
Father, hold the hand & heart of every runner this weekend. Let You be their encouragement, their prize. I pray protection over spectators and athletes. Lay Your healing hand on those that are aching or injured. Give peace to those that are doubtful of their abilities. Thank you for the bodies to accomplish this, thank you for the opportunity to run. Father I thank you for the support system of running groups and most importantly for families, spouses, that have encouraged, supported, and at times sacrificed so that we may live out the calling you have set before us. I thank you so much for the friends you have given me, old and new, that have pointed me toward You. Father we love You and praise You, in Your precious name. Amen.

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